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$29 per event/month*

Complete design control for your event page, PDF/iOS tickets, and checkout. A built in Check-in app for teams. Plus, a unique URL for your event!

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$20 per event/month*

Looking to sell t-shirts, hats, or any other type of swag for your event? Get a Shopify shop to sell your products, and install Evey to start selling tickets to your event!

Get Paid. Fast.

We immediately deposit your ticket sales into your Stripe account, and Stripe deposits your cash into your bank account within 7 days. You won't have to wait weeks or months to get the money from your ticket sales.

Please refer to Stripe’s terms and conditions and associated fees.

$20,000,000 Paid To Our Event Organizers.
And They Love Evey.

Fantastic app and great service from this company. They have worked extensively with us to get a complicated event/conference off the ground. The Shopify + Evey combination makes for a powerful conference registration service. Recommend the product highly.

Caltech - reunion.caltech.edu

Works perfectly! We were very successful selling online tickets with our 2014 event. We will definitely be using this app for our 2015 events!

Radial Fest - radial-fest.myshopify.com

If it were possible to give Evey a ten star review, I definitely would.

Flugente - flugente.myshopify.com

Outstanding! We have used Evey for two charity events that we have organized in the past 6 months and it works so well for us. It's easy to set up and allows for as little or as much information as you want to share whilst allowing you to customize the tickets etc. Selling tickets to our events used to be a real nightmare and Evey has made it really simple and functional.

Cats Foundation - cats-foundation.myshopify.com

We run an event services and ticketing company - we use and love Evey.

Imbibe - imbibe.myshopify.com

We found this to be the best event plugin for Shopify...GREAT customer service, GREAT attitude.

The Make It Fit Foundation - the-make-it-fit-foundation.myshopify.com

PDF and iOS Passbook Tickets

We provide you with full design control for your PDF and iOS Tickets. We also support event tickets for the Apple Watch!
PDF and iOS Tickets

Your Dashboard, Available Everywhere.

It has never been easier to manage your event. Our powerful dashboard is designed to give you access to your event’s most important information when you need it, anytime, on any device.
Evey Admin Dashboard

Great event pages for great experiences.

We provide you with great event page themes for your event; we even host the event page for you at no additional cost. Event page themes are optimized for mobile devices. Your customers will get the best buying experience on any device. We also provide you with full HTML/CSS/JS access for free if you want to modify or create your own theme.
View one of our Themes → Themes

Just a few of our features:

  • Email support
  • Shopify App
  • Event page themes
  • Custom URL for your event
  • Social network integration
  • Customizable email templates
  • Event groups
  • Multiple ticket types
  • Multiple themes
  • Liquid based theming
  • Event analytics
  • Fast payments
  • PDF, iOS Passbook Tickets
  • Fully customizable PDF tickets with HTML/CSS
  • Fully customizable Passbook tickets
  • Hosted event pages
  • Fully customizable PDF event page with HTML/CSS
  • Customizable checkout page with HTML/CSS
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Team Collaboration
  • Check-In App with check-in users
  • CSV Import/Export